Adding value to your business

Strategic Alignment

Collaboration is key to success. Working closely with leadership and management teams to understand your business goals, define success and create a sustainable technology framework for growth.

Growth is not always predictable or linear, course-correction and refinement strategies may be necessary as milestones are met to reach continuing success. With strategic framework and alignment as the backdrop, we help develop business processes and work with your management teams to implement and adopt winning strategies.

Trusted Advisor

Leveraging the technology knowledge and experience, Stinsora Consulting will partner with your team to build a strategic framework based on your business needs and goals. Recommending solutions and best practices to accelerate growth while staying compliant with regulators and industry standards. Your growth and success is our mission.

Value adding Services

Strategic adviser, matching your company with the right solutions

Operational processes aligned your current needs and future goals

Optimize technology spend

Application setup and configuration for automation and simplicity

Iterative operations design for frictionless growth

Application portfolio and vendor management

Align processes to security and privacy certification goals

Review process and data flows against security and privacy standards

Quarterly review of operations, application portfolio and business processes

Systems administration